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Album ‘J.R. Bathoorn’ out now on CD and vinyl
Traditional mournful music you can drink, cry and dance to. Greek, Turkish, Yiddish, Russian and Balkan songs. Ecstatic accordion riffs and melancholic ballads. Get it here now.

Accordionist and folk singer J.R. Bathoorn based in Groningen in the Netherlands, plays and sings the best of European traditions. With his powerfull deep voice this multilingual and expressive musician tells tales of the people, singing about impossible love, the desire to wander, and feasts that go on for three days.

Having played in many bands like the Shoe Eating Rabbits, Stout ‘n’ Herring, Limonchiki, the Shitfaced Mermaids, Cunzirìa, Radio Esperanto as well as working on various projects with choirs and schools, performing in streets, festivals, markets, bars, squats and churches alike, J.R. Bathoorn with his great sense of place and performance will fill any room with uplifting accordion riffs and melancholic expression.

After tours in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Schotland and Norway this experienced performer will take you in with crazed Balkan rhythms, deep Russian emotions, Greek drama, emotional singing of tales from a variety of folk traditions and passionate accordion playing!

Booking: jrbathoorn.booking@gmail.com

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Past performances:
Living Room Concerto, Groningen NL/ De Samenscholing, Den Haag NL /  Autonomes Zentrum, Aachen DE / Hafeneck, Mainz DE / Landbouwbelang, Maastricht NL/  Café Kairo, Basel CH / Boschbar, Zürich CH/ Eldorado Bar, Biel CH/ Radio Bavarois, Groningen NL/ ORKZ, Groningen NL/ De Muiterij Kollectiev, Amsterdam NL / Anarcho Folk Fest, Elgin UK, Wolimierz PO, Amsterdam NL / Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam NL / ADM, Amsterdam NL/  1 in 12 Club, Bradford UK / Black Market, Dijon FR / Ppauw, Wageningen NL